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Oct 9, 2012 11:00pm EDT
analogous case that arose in san francisco in 1966, when the city of san francisco said it would not fund social service agencies, including catholic charities that do not provide health care benefits to domestic partners. the catholic archbishop of san francisco, william would say that, no liberal he. he wound up in a congregation for the type and. willie brown came to a compromise to allow insured employees to designate anyone illegally domicile in a resonant as a health care co-beneficiary. be that person a child, a parent, aunt, close friend or a and partner. the archbishopric of the catholic church was always in favor of increasing health care insurance coverage and this was the way to do it, even though it be this other factor involved. in my judgment, the second set of rows from the obama administration proposes compromise, which in its always tries to inspect the freedom and rights of all the parties involved. [applause] >> thank you and good evening. i am here representing more than 120,000 women who live paycheck to paycheck on his struggle to get by in the side of chafic with t
Oct 30, 2012 11:00pm EDT
was giving a speech, i don't know, day before yesterday at tech crunch in san francisco and talked about the need to be a revolutionary and that's the way founders and entrepreneurs need to think of themselves. and i personally have had a theory myself, and i wrote about it in regard to zuckerberg and facebook that the founders of innovative tech companies are the most impactful social revolutionaries of our era. but that implies a sort of an urgency that i wonder if is widely enough understood. that's what i'm driving at. any thoughts on that? if what you guys are doing is truly revolutionary, then either people ought to be really scared of it, or they ought to be getting onboard real fast. >> or both. i mean, there's entrepreneurs who are trying to -- there are two types of entrepreneurs. there are some who are looking to create an interest withing product or service and have -- an interesting product or service and have somewhat modest ambitions. they're just trying to start a business, and that's fine. they're an important part of the economy. and the other which are swinging for the
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2